We are a family of four with two boys 10 and 12 who booked the tour hoping to get an introduction to the less well known side of Kyoto with a local guide. We got all that and more!
— Mark, USA
This is not just some average business as usual tour, it was such a great spiritual experience.
— Adura, USA
Quirky, fun and off the beaten track. Highly rated!
— Lianca, South Africa
I have to say after years of travelling and going on various different tours this was hands down the most informative, thoughtful and well presented tour I have ever experienced.
— Ciara, USA
We booked this tour because it was starting to get boring going to shrines and temples, watching what was going on, taking a few photos, and going on to the next one - without understanding what any of it meant. We came out the tour with some understanding of the historic, cultural, and religious context around the Fushimi Inari Shrine.
— Tass, New Zealand
The tour is unlike any other you’ll find for this area and at times your small group will be the only one in the area you are in...
— Jenna, South Africa
An incredibly entertaining and soul-touching tour! We got to see a lot and learn a lot. We got to touch the culture, to learn about the religion and explore many, many shrines, temples and water sources!
— Vyara, USA
What an awesome way to spend half a day. I have been to some of the places in the tour previously but didn’t take a tour. This time round I learnt so much of the stories, history, and folklore.
— Willin, Singapore
Wow! We love, love, loved Lee’s tour. I can’t add any more to the amazing reviews... It has been the highlight of our Kyoto stay.
— Sandra, UK