Tanabata Tea Making in Gion 2018

We're hosting the first-ever Tanabata Tea Making session at Friends Kyo, a backpacker hostel right in Gion, Kyoto. It's free!


July 7, 2pm-7pm
July 8, 2pm-7pm


Friends Kyo
193 Kamiyanagi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0807

Who can come?

Anyone! You don't have to register to attend. Just pop by, even if just for a taste of the tea. Kids welcome. The event will be held in both English and Japanese, so bring a friend if you can.

What we'll do

Shu Moriguchi of Ryujinmura Village of Wakayama Prefecture will be plucking tea leaves from wild tea trees around his home and we'll make post-fermented teas, traditional Wakayama style, on the rooftop at Friends Kyo.

We'll also be collecting well water from some of Kyoto's best wells for the tea, so pop by anytime if not for just a cuppa tea.

今年の七夕の日、祇園四条のゲストハウス Friends Kyoにて、和歌山で採れた龍神茶の七夕茶会を開催します。参加無料なので奮ってご参加ください!


2018年7月7日 14〜19時
2018年7月8日 14〜19時


ゲストハウス Friends Kyo





Who's Shu?

Shu Moriguchi is a musician and tea maker who lives in Ryujinmura Village, Wakayama Prefecture. His post-fermented teas are widely sought by tea enthusiasts from all over the world.




What's post-fermented tea?

You might be familiar with steamed tea (sencha and matcha), roasted teas, and pan-fried teas. They all require man-made heat. Post-fermented tea made in the Ryujinmura-style are plucked, left to wither, then rolled and sunned. The only heat applied to the tea is the heat from the sun. This means they ferment for a far longer time than most teas.




Where's the tea from?

Shu will pluck the tea leaves from the wild tea trees around Ryujinmura for the event. They grow naturally in dense forests, and many are over 50 years old. We want to bring it to Kyoto so that you can process tea from scratch, on your own (with guidance from Shu of course).




Where will the tea making session be?

Friends Kyo, a backpacker hostel and guesthouse in Gion, Kyoto. It's just 1 minute away from Gion-Shijo Station's Exit 1, and on the street next to Miyagawacho, Kyoto's second largest geisha community.

We'll make tea on the rooftop if it's not raining, and downstairs in the hangout space if it is. Here's the view from the rooftop:


京都・祇園四条にあるゲストハウス Friends Kyoは、芸子さん、舞子さんの集まる界隈の宮川町にあります。京阪祇園四条駅1番出口から徒歩1分。


What's Tanabata?

Tanabata celebrates the annual meeting of the deities Orihime, the weaving princess, and Hikoboshi, the cowherd. They are literally star-crossed lovers, who angered the Sky King by neglecting their celestial tasks after they fell in love. The Sky King imposed cruel and unusual punishment on them by only allowing them to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month on a river. But there was no bridge, and Orihime bawled her eyes out, so magpies came to the rescue by forming a bird-bridge for the two. It's believed that the magpies can only form the bridge if it doesn't rain, so let's hope for their sake and ours that there'll be no rain this year.

Will there be a wishing tree?

Yes. In Japan there's a tradition of writing wishes in the form of poetry on colorful strips of paper to hang on a bamboo tree. We'll have the tree of course. To top it, we'll have water from a famous wishing well to drink tea with.




Sounds exciting? Indicate your interest on our Facebook event page, and see you!


XJ Lee