Crafting journeys

We're designing an app, operating walking tours, and running a hostel.

What we do


We're developing Tabby Walker, an iOS walking tour app that will take you deep into Kyoto's neighborhoods.


We run walking and cycling tours featuring Kyoto's hidden sights and stories


We're operating a backpacker hostel in Gion, and soon a ryokan and another hostel in the Higashiyama district

Market research

We are doing market research and consulting for Uber Japan, which has just launched Uber Eats in Kyoto, and are moving to other exciting projects around Japan

Who we are

Why Craft Tabby?

Craft Tabby is Kurafuto Tabi in Japanese. Which means “Crafting Journeys”. And that’s what do – we take curious travelers on trips in and around Kyoto. Since we love tabby cats and tabi also sounds like tabby, we thought, “Why not?”